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Powering more than 1.1 million Kentuckians in 87 counties, Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives play a vital role in boosting economic development. Our goal is to be a leader in cultivating job growth, new investments and community development. We achieve this through providing ongoing support in the following areas.

PowerVision Sites

Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives believe in eliminating barriers to economic growth. To prove it, we’ve created a dramatic new digital site presentation tool for site selectors. Our PowerVision Sites give site visits a whole new meaning. By providing drone-rendered videos and digital-surface models, we bring PowerVision Sites directly to the prospect. Companies and developers are able to see PowerVision Sites in three dimensions, including pertinent infrastructure, both existing or as it could be installed. This interactive, total-site inclusive view is giving site selectors the upper hand in the decision-making process.

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Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives take pride in providing the best and latest technology to better serve customers. That’s why we created our targeted GPS-based mobile app, PowerMap. The first of its kind, PowerMap is putting the power of locational knowledge in the hands of site selectors, economic developers and service providers. Dig in to the details now.

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In addition to service territory information, PowerMap leverages over 63,000 site selection data points from StateBook international. This connection provides access to geo-specific data such as detailed workforce and education data, available site and buildings, infrastructure resources, quality of life attributes, as well as other community and region-specific analytics. Explore a world of data here.

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