App integrates geolocation technology with site selection data for economic development.

Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives released PowerMap, a new mobile and web application that gives economic development professionals instant access to detailed cooperative service territory maps and data for all of its 87 Kentucky counties. PowerMap is integrated with StateBook International, an online marketplace for economic development and site selection that strategically aggregates, updates, and organizes more than
60,000 data points from over 50 sources. The software for Powermap was developed by Louisville based mobile app development firm Interapt.

With PowerMap, users can either type in a street address or use native GPS tracking on their mobile device to determine whether the location entered falls within the service territory of any of the 16 Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives. In the past, the process of verifying which energy provider serves a certain defined territory would involve several parties, such as the Public Service Commission, and could take several days, if not weeks.

PowerMap constitutes a “first-of-its-kind tool” according to Rodney Hitch, Manager for Economic Development. “Economic developers on a site visit can use PowerMap to leverage mapping technology with StateBook’s vast database and instantly retrieve important site data, such as average commuting time, which in the past could have taken weeks,” says Hitch. “Our electric cooperatives are working hard to bring jobs and investment to the communities we serve, and PowerMap is another tool for that effort,” said Anthony “Tony” Campbell, CEO of East Kentucky Power Cooperative.
“I commend East Kentucky Power Cooperative for being the first utility in the U.S. to integrate StateBook’s robust data for site selection and cuttingedge technology,” said Calandra Cruickshank, President and CEO of StateBook International. “Powered by StateBook data, PowerMap enables the communities served by EKPC to put data into the hands of economic development professionals and business prospects onsite.”

The idea for building the PowerMap app spawned from a discussion about economic development during a recent trade mission to Canada that included Associate Manager Brad Thomas and Interapt CEO Ankur Gopal.

“Data is power, and timing is important in any economic development deal,” said Thomas. “By placing geographic information regarding power service territories literally in the hands of economic development professionals, Powermap will streamline the process of quickly analyzing the most important and costly factors of placing warehouses, assembly plants, industrial buildings, logistics, and advanced manufacturing in a defined area.”

“PowerMap is a tool that helps Economic Development teams gain a competitive advantage by providing the most important site selection data on their mobile device,” said Gopal. “PowerMap helps economic developers bring new jobs, new companies, and new revenue to their region.”

PowerMap is part of a suite of economic development efforts by Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives that includes a new economic development website as well as StateBook rollouts of 104 economic development sites for our cooperatives and counties served.

The PowerMap application is available for download to Apple devices on the App Store and to Android devices on the Google Play store. The web application is available at