Cynthiana – Harrison County Business Park Cynthiana, Kentucky – Harrison County

Interstate: Access to I-75 (16 miles)
Airport: Blue Grass Airport (37 miles)
Electricity: Blue Grass Energy Cooperative
Natural Gas: Columbia Gas of Kentucky (extension necessary)
Water: Cynthiana Municipal Water Works (Capacity 3,794,185 Gallons/Day)
Sewer: City of Cynthiana (Capacity 1,131,000 Gallons/Day)
Broadband: AT&T; TW Telecom
Workforce: 8,434

Interstate Airport Natural Gas Water Sewer Broadband Workforce

Located in the heart of horse country, Cynthiana is a community located approximately 30 miles northeast of Lexington and 60 miles south of Cincinnati. Cynthiana has several factories which manufacture everything from hard hats to garbage trucks. The most well-known of these companies is 3M, the maker of Post-it® Notes and Scotch® Package Protection Tapes. The business park offers prime locations for auto suppliers as well as other types of advanced manufacturing operations.

Cynthiana - Harrison County Business Park

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