Kentucky’s Touchstone Cooperatives electrify global leaders in the aerospace industry, companies such as like Safran, GE Aviation, Boneal, Rajant and more. Let us help you and your business land safely among Kentucky’s aerospace industry leaders.

Aerospace Growth

Safran Landing Systems

Safran Landing Systems is among Kentucky’s more than 100 aerospace-related facilities that employ over 23,000 people. The Walton, Ky., facility produces and refurbishes carbon brakes for North American airlines, as well as military aircraft. Safran Landing Systems recently announced a contract with American Airlines, which is upgrading its Boeing 737NG airliner fleet of more than 300 aircraft from steel to carbon brakes. This will help American Airlines meet its sustainability commitments through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Safran Landing Systems’ carbon brakes are lighter than steel brakes, with up to 700 pounds (320 kg) of weight savings per aircraft.


Based in Means, Ky., Boneal is a vertically integrated procurement, manufacturing, and order fulfillment company that serves commercial, government, aerospace, and defense clients. Boneal manufactured the primary chassis for the Lunar IceCube lunar-orbit satellite that launched aboard NASA’s Artemis 1 Space Launch System. The Lunar IceCube was developed and built by Morehead State University through a $24-million NASA program and will spend more than a year orbiting the moon.

Rajant Corp.

Rajant, a pioneer in private network infrastructure supporting wireless communications, owns a 48,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Morehead, Ky., that partners with Morehead State University’s acclaimed Space Science Center. The facility’s ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates Rajant’s compliance with the production, technical support, and manufacturing of secure network radios. Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh networks are used around the world and across a broad array of industries, including military, industrial, transportation, utilities, telecommunications and all levels of governments.

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