Energy Mix

Our Bluegrass is turning green

Our electric cooperatives have access to electricity generated from a variety of sources, including conventional and renewable sources. As sustainable, renewable energy sources become more available, local cooperatives are plugged in and ready to deliver energy in the way our members want at the lowest costs available.

As owners of East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) and as members of the PJM Interconnection, Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives have embraced a diverse energy portfolio. Our Cooperative Solar Farm One is one of the largest solar projects in Kentucky. Located just outside Lexington, Ky., the 60-acre farm features 32,300 solar panels.

We own and operate six plants that generate renewable power from methane gas at landfills. We also purchase hydropower from the federal Southeastern Power Administration’s through their Laurel and Wolf Creek dams. And that’s just the beginning.

Markets mean options

Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are also part of the PJM Interconnection (PJM), a regional transmission organization. Serving a 13-state region, PJM is the largest market grid in North America and is the world’s second-largest competitive wholesale electricity market. PJM serves 65 million customers, including more than 1,000 companies, and has 180 gigawatts of generating capacity.

As a member of PJM, Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives has access to electricity generated and sold into the market. Electricity sold through PJM is generated from conventional and renewable fuel types, including coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear materials, wind, solar, hydro, geothermal heat and tidal waves. Each of these fuel sources contributes in different ways to the electrical energy used on a daily basis. By being a member of PJM, our cooperatives can power projects of any size utilizing whatever source of electricity our member’s prefer including 100 percent renewable energy.

Learn about PJM’s energy mix. 

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