Kentucky has it all

Kentucky has it all, air, water, rail & road. That’s why the world’s most prestigious logistics companies such as UPS, DHL, and Amazon – among hundreds of others – have invested heavily in the Bluegrass State.

Kentucky ranks 2nd in the nation in total air cargo shipments. That is because Kentucky business is served by not one but two international airports plus three global shipping hubs, giving companies a leg up on getting products, papers and packages into the global stream of commerce. Kentucky is home to the UPS World Port, DHL Americas hub in Northern Kentucky, the Amazon Air global port in Northern Kentucky and several large FedEx ground hubs throughout the state.


Flottweg Separation Technology Inc. recently celebrated the expansion of their Boone County facility

Flottweg is a manufacturer of centrifuges and other liquid-solid separation equipment and is a subsidiary of Flottweg SE, which was founded in Germany in 1932. Flottweg SE has grown into a global technology leader producing centrifuges, belt presses, and separators used for liquid-solid separation. The company’s products support a range of industries, including the mining, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and machining sectors. Its products also have environmental uses, including the treatment of wastewater or oil sludge.

Chapin International Grows at Two Kentucky Sites

With nearly 140 years of experience, Chapin International knows a thing or two about manufacturing. When the company was looking for room to grow, they invested more than $22 million to locate new facilities in Danville, Ky., and Mount Vernon, Ky.

Chapin International is a leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high quality compressed air sprayers and hand sprayers used in home, garden, commercial landscape, agricultural and industrial applications. Its Kentucky investments added nearly 675,000 square feet along with 300 jobs.

“Our Kentucky employees are proving to be the biggest asset to this new plant, with good attendance and a willingness to get the job done,” said Jim Campbell, CEO of Chapin International. “We are accomplishing our goals ahead of schedule. With the help of these employees, we will be well-positioned to strengthen our competitiveness and grow further in the global market.”

Chapin’s expanded presence in Kentucky will allow the company to better capitalize on the state’s strategic location to get products to consumers quickly. As the logistics center of the eastern U.S., the commonwealth is located within 600 miles of two-thirds of the nation’s population.

Wieland North America

Wieland North America is building a $100 million plant in Shelbyville, Ky. The Germany-based company’s facility will melt copper and copper-alloy for recycling for use in manufacturing semi-finished copper and copper-alloy products for customers throughout North America.

Pernod Ricard joins Kentucky bourbon boom

French spirits producer Pernod Ricard is joining Kentucky’s bourbon boom, investing $196 million to construct a completely carbon-neutral distillery at its 265-acre site in Marion County, Ky.

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